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Blocking and Tackling

I was looking at the X-Pump Block for a customer that wanted to install this  with a new domestic water heater with side taps for a radiant floor heating system. I understand the concept but the design procedure I didn’t understand … Continue reading

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To Flange or not to Flange

I know it’s been a while since I have written anything, been a very busy couple of months. We have had a ton of people coming down to Headquarters in Cranston. If you haven’t been down in a while or … Continue reading

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SmartPlus Recirculation

Hey Dave, Does the SmartPlus need any special piping at the furthest fixture unit?  Mike T, VT Mike, there is “special” piping that is needed for the current application of the SmartPlus. Just like any other Taco circulator, it needs … Continue reading

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