To Flange or not to Flange

I know it’s been a while since I have written anything, been a very busy couple of months. We have had a ton of people coming down to Headquarters in Cranston. If you haven’t been down in a while or never have; please come check us out.

Anyway, getting back to a new Ask Dave! Post and I have a few people ask a question along this line;

Hey Dave, I want to start offering Domestic Hot Water Recirculation to my customers and there are a lot of different options, especially when it comes to connection styles. Which would be the best?

There are tons of options to the connection style so that we can meet the needs of everyone out there. Everyone has their own personal style and comfort when it comes to connections.

Here is what is currently offered by Taco:pumps 1pumps2

½” Sweat,

¾” Sweat,

¾” FNPT,


And Union.

The main reason for all of these styles, Taco doesn’t want to limit you and since we manufacture right here in Cranston, RI, we get the chance to cater to you instead of telling you how you are going perform each installation. Each home is different, each customer is different, and therefore their mechanical requirements may be different. Now all of these connection styles may seem like a pain in the butt, but the beauty is that no matter which one is installed and a repair may be needed, you can always replace the motor and/or cartridge as long as the same motor size is used. The 4 bolts holding the motor to the casting line up exactly the same. So if you went to a customer’s home that the DHW recirculation pump was not working properly and you found that there was a union connection pump installed. All you had was a ½” sweat model with you, you could leave the existing casting in place and replace the motor, cartridge and impeller and get back up and running in no time.

Another great feature to this way of manufacturing is when we at Taco come out with a new model with enhanced features like the SmartPlus and you have a bunch of Plumb n’ Plugs  installed and would like to offer these new features, same thing would occur as before and you could leave your wrenches and torch in the truck.

While we are at it, what do you think about the different connection methods we offer?

What’s your preferred way? Check out this survey and let me know. I’m curious as to the most popular. Follow the link and it will only take a couple of seconds (clicks). Thanks and Keep ‘em coming.


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