Real Savings

In my last blog I was talking about switching car insurance carriers so that I can continue to get savings where eventually if I switch enough, I should be able to get my insurance for free! I know that won’t happen and honestly, I don’t have the time, energy or desire to get that savings. It may seem like a lot of work for little rewards. Do people really spend the time doing it?

Should this line of thought apply to the mechanicals in a home heating and plumbing system? Do homeowners really want to spend the money for an upgrade or addition to their system for the savings? As long as it is explained to them the future savings and not as a return on investment, they very well may. A mechanical system should not be looked at as an ROI.  It provides a function and serves a purpose and the end result is providing comfort. There can be ways that we can provide better comfort along with greater savings.

Let’s take a look at what the SmartPlus Domestic Hot Water recirculation system can provide in the way of savings.

recirc loop

The first thing the SmartPlus does is provide hot water at the fixtures when you want it. That’s both comfort and convenience – you won’t have to wait for the cold water to dump out of the associated piping. John Barba just performed a webinar on that very topic (watch it here). However, there can be real savings and I am going to apply it to my own home. I am in the process of installing one in my house and for the next 12 months I will watch the numbers. Just to compare, here’s a look at my last 12 months of water bills:






















Water on Long Island is not too expensive and I do not pay for sewage costs, since most of us have cesspools. Consider those savings for your own home or customers’ homes.

So let’s take a look at the numbers. My total gallon-usage for the 12-month period was 127,601 gallons. The U.S Department of Energy says effective hot water recirculation can save on average roughly 12,000 gallons a year.  Using that number, if I had a SmartPlus last year my actual usage would have dropped to around 115,000 gallons – a savings of 10%.

So, 10% savings in water usage!  If I apply that 10% to my water bill, that works out to be $28 a year in savings. Apply that across each bill and I can roughly save about 6 bucks every couple of months, now I can get that extra Starbucks I was longing for!

waterbagmoneyBut hey, now there is a new electrical appliance in use and let’s consider the electrical costs that will be added monthly. If I have 2 “events” a day recorded in the brain of the SmartPlus, each event lasting 30 minutes; we end up with 5 hours of operation (one hour before, during, and after). The pump runs 2.5 minutes every 10 minutes for a total of 75 minutes a day.

450 hours of runtime per year
59.8 watts / 1000 kilowatts = .0598 kw
.0598 x 450 hours = 26.91 kW-hours
0.22cents per kW-hour (Long Island Rates)
0.22 x 26.91= $5.92 per year

Apply that to the example and it costs $1.18 per pay period.

So, with the SmartPlus, there may not be exorbitant savings to consider it a ROI, but it will give that extra comfort and convenience someone really wants!

Stick around as next the next entry will consider other savings associated with the SmartPlus!


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One Response to Real Savings

  1. wethead58 says:

    Yo Dave, nice piece. I’m looking forward to seeing next years water usage.

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